Hello and Welcome to Positive Change Coaching!

I'd like to share some information with you.  I have met many people -- from different cultural
backgrounds and  different economic lifestyles --  who have had a "less-than- nurturing" upbringing
and who were having difficulty finding joy, peace, and balance in their lives.   I include myself in
that mix.  While writing my Master's thesis, I enrolled in a Life Skills Coaching Program, where I
trained to become a Life Skills Coach, and that was the most profound and pivotal experience of my
life .  Several years later, I invested in becoming certified as a Personal Life Coach and then as a
Recovery Coach.  

In all the education I have taken, I find that the coaching courses gave me the best return on
investment of any education I have taken.  How come?   There are several reasons:  (1)  coaching
prepared me to be effective and successful in both my personal and professional life;  (2) the
coaching skills were instrumental in my success as a teacher of  high risk youth; (3)  coaching is a
business that I love, because I love helping people to help and empower themselves; (4)  I love
owning and operating my own business; and (5)  most importantly, because it was through coaching
that I learned who I truly am and what I am truly capable of.    

My Mission and Purpose:  Coaching is life-enriching and empowering, and sharing what I have
learned is my mission in life.  My mission complements my purpose in life, which is, quite simply,
to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  

I realized I can achieve my mission and purpose much more readily through my coaching business
than I could as a teacher.    So, a few years ago,  I chose to retire from teaching to build a coaching
business, where I could be free to coach, teach coaching skills, share other information, run
workshops, attend marketing events and expos, accept public speaking engagements, and enroll in
other coaching courses to continue improving and expanding my skills.  

I have a vision in my mind of creating a wellness centre where people can come and participate in
healing, self-empowering, community- minded, and team-building workshops.  I have kept my heart
and eyes open to possible connections with others who shared my passion for a holistic wellness and
healing centre.  While on my quest, I was blessed to meet Rosa Medicine Traveller of Night Eagle
Consultants, and Marcel Gour and Randy McGhee of the Lazy M Lodge in Alberta.  We all share a
vision of creating a safe place for people to heal and grow holistically --   emotionally, physically,
spiritually, and mentally -- so we decided to collaborate and offer a selection of (non-medical)
healing and empowerment programs at the Lazy M Lodge.  When you visit my Events page, you will
see information and find links to a list of the programs we offer and will also see updates on other
events we are participating in.

In closing, I invite you to call me if you'd like to ask any questions or just to chat and get to know
me a little.  
 I'll look forward to hearing from you and perhaps to working with you soon.
great things
can happen.
Carol McKenzie.
Certified Professional Coach
B.Ed. (AB), M.Ed. Equivalent (WA)
      (1)   I have some openings in my
services:   personal life
coaching and recovery coaching.   I can
coach  around the Medicine Wheel and/or
the Wheel of Life as a way of creating a
visual understanding of where clients are
now and want to be in the future.  

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